Waiting For Half-Life 3? Play Mod Mission Improbable In The Meantime

Tom Hopkins

In the absence of news from Valve, Episodic Half-Life 2 mod Mission Improbable has just been revamped with new content and a third chapter.

Published on Aug 2, 2012

Half-Life 2 fans can now download Mission Improbable by Magnar 'Insta' Jenssen, a three-episode single-player campaign mod for Valve's HL: Episode 2 which continues the story of Gordon Freeman.

The adventure see the former Black Mesa scientist tasked with reactivating a Resistance listening post "which naturally doesn't go quite as intended".

As you can see from the trailer below Mission Improbable is visually impressive, and seems to be packed with a variety of gameplay too.

According to Valve fansite Lambdagen the first two sections have had a visual overhaul, while the third episode combines (pardon the pun) to make Mission Improbable "one of the greatest Half-Life mods of all time".

As noted by the site, previous Half-Life 2 modder Adam Foster was hired by Valve to work on what was then Half-Life 2: Episode 3.

Get the mod for PC here, or check out the trailer for more:



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