Sony Games Division Posts £29m Loss As PS3 & PS Vita Sales Decline

Tom Hopkins

Sony's latest financial results reveal a huge loss across the firm, as well as waning demand for PlayStation products.

Published on Aug 2, 2012

Sony has posted a huge $312 million (£200 million) loss for the first quarter of financial 2013, with an $80 million operating profit for the period down 77 per cent from the previous year.

Sony's games division posted
an operating loss of $45 million (£29m), citing declining demand for consoles and games.

Falling PlayStation sales were somewhat hidden, with Sony lumping PS3 and PS2 sales together (2.8 million, down from 3.2 million the previous year) and the combined PSP and PS Vita unit sales down to 1.4 million from 1.8 million the previous year.

Sony also revised its gaming sales forecast, and now expects to sell 12 million handheld devices. It maintained a a projected 16 million home console sales.

Sony will be hoping to invigorate PS3 sales with the mooted PS3 'Super-Slim' SKU which is rumoured for an announcement after gamescom.



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