FIFA 13 Tweaks Mean No More Player Kissing - Rutter

Tom Hopkins

There's no chance of players celebrating a FIFA 13 goal with an accidental kiss, says producer David Rutter.

Published on Aug 1, 2012

FIFA 12's player kissing may have been accidental, but the video of Andy Carroll and Lukasz Fabianski's virtual counterparts getting friendly has amused millions on YouTube.

It doesn't sound like the FIFA team found it very funny though - measures have been taken to make sure players won'y get tangle up in FIFA 13, according to David Rutter.

Speaking about FIFA 12's Player Impact Engine, and some of the funny video results on EA's PWNED, Rutter said: "Interestingly enough those videos have actually helped make FIFA 13 better. There's an infamous one of a kiss between a couple of players and what we've done is looked at those situations, looked at what was causing the players to get locked together and introduced a bunch of different mechanics so that players can disentangle."

Oh well, there you have it - no accidental comedy gold from FIFA 13. Here's the original kissing vid for old time's sake:

FIFA 13 is out on most platforms in September.



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