Payday: The Heist's Wolfpack DLC Brings New Missions, Weapons

Tom Hopkins

Payday: The Heist just got a load of new content on PSN via the Wolfpack DLC pack.

Published on Aug 1, 2012

Payday: The Heist just got bigger with the launch of Wolfpack, the first DLC pack for Overkill Software's co-op shooter.

It's available now on the European PSN Store for £6.49/€7.99/AU$12.95; a North American launch is "planned shortly".

Not got Payday? Get it with the DLC bundled for just £12.99.

Wolfpack includes "epic heists – ‘Undercover’ and ‘Counterfeit.’ The ‘Undercover’ heist forces players to drive away the pesky police interrupting a back alley deal, while the ‘Counterfeit’ heist pressures players to use silenced weapons to keep whistle-blowing civilians from escaping an underground money printing gig and blowing the whole operation by telling the 5-0."

Also look out for new weapons, characters and trophies - and if your friends don't have the map, but you do, you can host and they can play too. Not bad, eh?

Payday on PC recently got a Left 4 Dead-themed expansion.



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