Battlefield 3 Premium Subs Hit 1.3 Million, Origin Users Hit 21 Million - EA

Tom Hopkins

EA reveals that Origin's subscriber numbers have doubled since earlier in the year, while Battlefield Premium uptake has passed one million.

Published on Aug 1, 2012

Battlefield Premium, EA's answer to Call of Duty Elite has 1.3 million subscribers, while digital retail hub Origin now boasts 21 million registered users, EA has confirmed.

Origin was recently updated with new features to version 9.0 - figures include 9 million mobile users.

EA revealed the milestones during its latest financial report, and also dropped some other significant facts and figures, such as:

- Origin has signed agreements with 57 independent developers.
- FIFA Ultimate Team contributed over $30 million in net digital revenue in the first quarter.
- EA SPORTS FIFA Online 3 will launch in Korea later during this financial year.

EA also detailed a new two-tiered payment model for SWTOR, which includes a free-to-play option.



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