GTA 5 Viral Campaign Starts Via Epsilon Program Twitter

Tom Hopkins

In the absence of any new GTA 5 news, Rockstar returns to the San Andreas cult via Twitter.

Published on Aug 1, 2012

GTA 5 still seems scheduled to launch before April 2013 judging by Take-Two's latest financial report, but detaiils on Rockstar's next open world game are still thin on the ground.

That could change in the coming weeks with the discovery of the Epsilonism Today twitter feed, linked on the website for the fictional San Andreas cult.

The Epsilon Program site doesn't appear to have changed much since its time as a San Andreas teaser site, but two tweets in the last week read:

"Seeking without paying is not living, it is living on the cheap. #KIFFLOM" and "We as a people have consistently got things backwards. #KIFFLOM" - KIFFLOM is the mantra of the Epsilon Program.

We've checked out a host of other San Andreas-related sites, but none have been updated so far. Is this the start of Rockstar's viral marketing for GTA 5? Have your say below!



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