Notch Calls Minecraft's Success 'Unique', Wants Competitive Play In Future

Tom Hopkins

Notch doesn't think he will ever repeat Minecraft's success, calling the game's sales a "fluke".

Published on Jul 31, 2012

Minecraft creator Markus 'Notch' Persson  thinks the game's success will be impossible for him to replicate.

Calling Minecraft's success a "once in a million fluke", the indie developer revealed on Reddit that he "will never repeat the success of Minecraft."

Asked whether Minecraft's continued development fits with his long-term vision for the game, Notch replied: "Other than a few minor things, they're exactly in line with my vision. The adventure mode stuff is looking amazing, and the way the team managed to FINALLY properly split client from server is wonderful for the game."

Minecraft is being updated to version 1.3 tomorrow, but asked about 1.4, Notch "hopefully it will allow for more competitive gameplay, something I've always wanted to see."

Describing the game's succes as "a once in a million fluke," Notch elaborated: "Sales keep going up all the time, and there's an infinite amount of stuff we could do. Hopefully modding will become easier soon, too.

"I came to accept that I will never repeat the success of Minecraft. I chose to instead focus on making more games that I personally enjoy, and living up to that is much easier."

Hit the link to read about the status of Notch's next game, 0x10c.



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