0x10c Hype Made Notch 'Feel Like He Was Rushing Development'

Tom Hopkins

Notch's Minecraft follow-up could be some time away with hardly any game content completed.

Published on Jul 31, 2012

0x10c, the space-trading sandbox game from Markus 'Notch' Persson is still in the early stages of development according to the indie developer.

"I've spent a lot of time on the DCPU specification and implementation, and fleshing out the game world, trying to come up with fun scenarios that I want happen in the game," Notch wrote with regard to the game's virtual 16-bit computer on a Reddit AMA.

"Actual GAME content, not much at all. I did some live streamed development, and felt a constant pressure to move ahead fast, which built more hype that I intended, and made me feel like I was rushing the game."

Development will continue slowly, but Notch hopes to bring other Mojang developers onto the project after PAX, which takes place at the start of September. "I'm trying to talk less about it," he added. "My public enthusiasm for it builds way more hype than I want it to."

0x10c has no set release date but will likely follow Minecraft's release model and feature a persistent, subscription-based online multiplayer mode.



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