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The War Z: 250 Players, No Subs, Beta Details Confirmed For Zombie MMO

Tom Hopkins

The War Z is aiming to be the first sandbox survival game MMO, according to developer Hammerpoint games. First screens and details after the jump.

The War Z, the upcoming zombie-MMO announced just last week, will support up to 250 players on one server, enter invite-only beta by the end of the summer and require a one-off payment from players rather than a subscription developer Hammerpoint Interactive has confirmed.

"There is a back story to the game, but as far as there being a storyline that players need to follow within the game - the answer is no." reads the FAQ on the War Z site.

"The gameplay is designed to be open world sandbox so that players really have the opportunity to create their own, unique experience. We don't define any quests that you have to complete in order to obtain items in the game. However, players will be able to create their own quests and missions for other players and then post rewards for completing those missions."

Players will need to purchase the game once, then Hammerpoint will charge for optional micro-transactions and server rentals - not subscriptions.

The War Z will also feature in-game currency, but no play-to-win scenarios the studio added. A modest 2GB RAM PC should be enough to run the game too.

The War Z is set to launch this Autumn.

Meanwhile, popular Arma 2 mod DayZ could go standalone before Christmas using the early-access Minecraft model, according to creator Dean Hall.

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