Minecraft Goes Next-Gen With Impressive Lighting & Water Mod

Tom Hopkin

Play Minecraft on PC? Want to push your graphics card? Look no further than the Sonic Ether mod.

Published on Jul 30, 2012

Minecraft isn't a game that we instinctively call 'beautiful'. Sure it has a quirky charm, and a retro, 3D look that certainly suits the pixelart textures, but overall, Notch's game is more about function than form.

That all might be about to change with version ten of a mode from Cody Darr, otherwise known as Sonic Ether, which adds brilliant lighting, water, translucency and reflection effects to the game.

Check out the screens for more, or check out the video below - it's impressive stuff.


  • Minecraft-Sonic-Ether-mod 7.jpg
  • Minecraft-Sonic-Ether-mod 6.jpg
  • Minecraft-Sonic-Ether-mod 3.jpg
  • Minecraft-Sonic-Ether-mod-2.jpg
  • Minecraft-Sonic-Ether-mod 1.jpg
  • Minecraft-Sonic-Ether-mod-7.jpg

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