Hitman Dev's Secret AAA Project Includes 'In-game Economy & Monetization'

Tom Hopkins

Io Interactive is seeking a Monetization Expert for its mysterious unannounced AAA game.

Published on Jul 30, 2012

Hitman: Absolution developer Io Interactive is making another, yet-to-be-anounced AAA game - which may feature micro-transactions and an MMO-style economy, according to a recent job-listing.

"Io Interactive is currently looking for a full-time Monetization Expert to join an unannounced AAA game project," reads the ad, posted last month.

Ongoing responsibilities of the role will include "collaborating with game designers directing and developing the in-game economy and monetization system for the project while working closely together with finance, brand/marketing/sales, and affiliated teams," explains the ad.

Io wants the successful candidate to "set new standards for entertainment in games while keeping it a good business," by developing "new monetization methods early in game development", as well as tweaking the game post-launch.

Is Kane & Lynch 3 going free-to-play, or will Mini Ninjas 2 feature a virtual sword shop? Do you think it'll be something else? Speculate to your heart's content in our comments section below.



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