Xbox 720: 'Real' Next-Gen Durango Dev Kit Offered For Sale - Report

Tom Hopkins

The alleged Xbox 720 developer kit offered for sale on a game development forum is genuine, according to a report.

Published on Jul 30, 2012

The next Xbox is in the hands of developers in the form of a basic-looking PC dev kit, a report has claimed, following images of the alleged hardware being posted online.

Xbox 720/Durango development kits had already been thought to be in the hands of developers, but Digital Foundry spoke to various sources - all of which apparently confirmed the hardware’s authenticity.

The owner of the kit, a midi-sized black PC tower, was at one point offering the unit for sale on a developer forum for $10,000, and revealed the Alpha kit to be a 64-bit, DirectX 11-capable machine with specs that include an Intel CPU, Nvidia GPU and “more than 8GB” of RAM.

The specs won't necessarily be close to any final product, but will be a rough target platform for studios currently working on next-gen games - which includes id Software, Epic Games, Crystal Dynamics, Bethesda and EA.

Durango was revealed as the codename for the next Xbox back in February, and was said to be discussed at a London developer summit just two weeks later.

Microsoft and Sony are widely expected to expand on their next-gen plans sometime next year.



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