Apple Patent Smooths Path For iPad & iPhone Game Controllers

Tom Hopkins

Will Apple ever chase core gamers with its products? A new patent suggests it will.

Published on Jul 27, 2012

Apple has patented a method to easily control iOS devices with a compatible controller or to turn iOS devices into game controllers themselves.

Earlier reports had suggested that Apple had patented a PS3-style game controller, but that was just one of the suggestions on a recently-revealed listing, titled 'System and Method for Simplified Control of Electronic Devices'.

The document lists ways future iPhones and iPads could theoretically be used to control other devices wirelessly via Near Field Communication (NFC) which is becoming increasingly popular in consumer electronic devices.

"A person may use a wide variety of electronic devices each day [but] initiating and establishing control of each device may involve a series of complicated unintuitive procedures using separate remote controls," reads the description - it remains to be seen if they are all consolidated into one iOS powered screen instead.

Synching would simply require you to tap devices together - iPhones could then be used as game controllers on Apple TV or third-party pads with buttons could be used to control iPad games.

Exciting stuff indeed - but will it see the light of day? NFC is becoming increasingly widespread, especially for cashless payments, and powers Activision's Skylanders toy/game hybrid too. With Wii U said to include the tech, it could well make it into iPhone 5 and the next iPad.

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