Minecraft Studio Still Wary Of Steam, Cancelled Game To Stay Indie

Tom Hopkins

Notch thinks self-publishing via word-of-mouth is the way forward for PC indie developers.

Published on Jul 26, 2012

Minecraft creator Markus Persson has reiterated that Mojang is happy to continue self-publishing in the medium-term, and expressed concerns over the potential dominance of Steam.

“As much as I love Steam, I do somewhat worry about the PC as a gaming platform becoming owned by a single entity that takes 30% of all PC games sold,” he told PC Gamer.

“I’m hoping for a future where more games can self-publish and use social media and friends to market their games. Perhaps there’s something we could do to help out there? I don’t know. If nothing else, we might work as an inspiration for people to self-publish.”

Guess that means no Minecraft on Steam for the time being. Notch also revealed that Mojang recent canned an unannounced collaboration to stick to its indie guns.

“It’s probably obvious from this reply, but we’re trying to figure out what we want to do long term with the position we have now. We only recently decided to stay as independent as possible and cancelled an unannounced project that we were doing in collaboration with someone else. It’s going to be an interesting future.”

Based on current figures, Mojang is making around £1 million a week in revenue on Minecraft PC alone, with over 6.7 million lifetime sales. That doesn't include versions on other platforms, which are doing rather well too. Not bad, eh?



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