Sleeping Dogs Video Reveals Much More Than A GTA 5 Substitute

Tom Hopkins

Square Enix reveals almost nine minutes of gameplay from it's open-world action game, Sleeping Dogs.

Published on Jul 25, 2012

GTA 5 maybe as close as games get to a guaranteed hit, but with no release date schedule or gameplay videos we're still some time away from knowing more about Rockstar's next opus.

Sleeping Dogs however, is almost with us; United Front Games' love-letter to Hong Kong action cinema has plenty going for it with some awesome combat, slow-mo shooting and a limitless array of open-world, vehicular options.

"In the back room of the Golden Koi, the restaurant is far from Mrs Chu's mind. With her close friend dead, murdered at her own wedding, it's revenge that needs serving," reads the video description.

"With one of the gunmen known to Wei, an explosive mission unfolds across the streets of Hong Kong."

Check out how protagonist Wei's mission unfolds, along with commentary from producer Dan Sochan, in the video below:




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