Critical Path: Spector, Carmack, Levine, Meier, Kojima And Other Amazing Devs Talk Game Design

Tom Hopkins

Ambitious game-design documentary crams together interviews with the industry's biggest names.

Published on Jul 24, 2012

Ever wanted to hear your game design heroes waxing lyrical about their  game-design philosophies? Critical Path is the documentary website for you, splicing together footage of dozens of top game designers talking about their craft.

As well as Warren Spector, John Carmack, Ken Levine, Sid Meier, and Hideo Kojima, featured interviewees include Cliff Bleszinski, Yoshinori Ono, Tim Schafer, Chris Hecker, Will Wright, Peter Molyneux, David Cage, Todd Howard and far too many other huge names to list here.

Hit up the Critical Path site for clips of all the speakers, and a trailer.

“We are interested in documenting the minds, thoughts, and inspirations behind the evolving medium to try and translate its meaning today, and potential to be a leading artform tomorrow,” wrote creators Artifact Studios.

"Two years into production, Critical Path’s online interview archive has 121 video clips ranging in length from 30–120 seconds distilled from over 30 hours of interviews. The interactive web format allows the viewer to sort conversations by topic or speaker."

Artifact adds that the archive is "ever evolving, with the goal of including interviews from every designer of every significant video game—past, present and future—and revisiting designers with new topics as the medium grows."

Wow. Let's hope they keep it up - the results are impressive, and required watching for casual fans and game-design students alike.



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