FIFA Future 'More Reliant On Ideas Than Next-Gen Consoles' - Dev


FIFA series features 'not limited by hardware' according to FIFA 13 gameplay producer.

Published on Jul 24, 2012

EA Sports could continue to improve and iterate on the FIFA series with out next-gen consoles, according to lead gameplay producer Aaron McHardy.

"We’re still pumping out features every day, and I don’t think we’re limited by the hardware," McHardy told NowGamer.

"The concepts and the ideas are what keep furthering FIFA, rather than the processing power. Yeah, there’s things that we dreamed of getting in FIFA, but I don’t think it’s a matter of [processing] power. I think it’s a matter of ‘we’ll put it on the list and when we can get to that problem we’ll get it in. That’s how we’ve been working over the last few years."

FIFA 13 will add new features such as a new first touch system and improved attcking intelligence, but while real football is a huge influence, the FIFA team draws inspiration from elsewhere too.

"We look at all sorts of games. By and large the biggest place we look for FIFA, to make it better, is the real world of football. That’s the number one source we have," explained McHardy.

"That’s not to say that inspiration doesn’t come from all over the place: NHL is doing great things with their game. Madden is using a lot of the same ideas in its physics engine as we are in ours, and there’s a conversation going back and forth with those guys all the time about ways to improve the game, we’re looking all over the place at different things, and some of the ideas that we’ve been doing in skill games come from one of the guys saying ‘we should have an Angry Birds style-thing in FIFA!’ and it was like yeah, we could use our physics engine  to put objects in. There’s inspiration there. We get inspiration from all different places."

FIFA 13 hits shops on 28 September in Europe.



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