PES Development Coming To London - Konami Job Ads

Tom Hopkins

Konami is opening a new Pro Evolution Soccer development studio in London, the publisher reveals.

Published on Jul 24, 2012

PES 2013 will be followed by a game at least partially created in the UK, Konami has revealed.

The publisher is "opening a new wing in Europe" for PES Productions, with numerous high-level positions for designers, programmers and artists listed on Gamasutra.

"PES Productions is opening a new "Football game productions" in London in order to continue striving to reproduce European football culture at its best in their games," reads the slightly strange intro to the ads.

"The production will create PES projects targeting high-end game consoles and PCs."

Next-gen PES games are expected to be created with Kojima Productions' Fox Engine - which will be shown publicly for the first time next month.



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