Minecraft Android Accused Of Patent Infringement By Serial Litigator

Tom Hopkins

Notch vows to fight Uniloc over its latest patent infringement allegation, with regard to Minecraft on Android.

Published on Jul 23, 2012

Minecraft on Android devices is the subject of new litigation from Uniloc Corporation, a software company that holds numerous patents - and has previously sued companies including Microsoft and Sony.

"Step 1: Wake up. Step 2: Check email. Step 3: See we're being sued for patent infringement. Step 4: Smile," Notch tweeted last week.

"Unfortunately for them, they're suing us over a software patent. If needed, I will throw piles of money at making sure they don't get a cent," the Minecraft creator added.

A follow-up blog revealed Notch's feelings on patent law.

"There is no way in hell you can convince me that it’s beneficial for society to not share ideas. Ideas are free. They improve on old things, make them better, and this results in all of society being better. Sharing ideas is how we improve."

Software patents are "trivial" and "counterproductive" he added.

Hit the link to see Uniloc's argument against Minecraft Android.



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