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FIFA 13 New Screens: Skill Games, Career Mode, Unlockables Detailed

Tom Hopkins

FIFA 13's skill games will improve your passing, dribbling, shooting, crossing and much more, EA Sports reveals.

FIFA 13 will include 32 skill-based mini-games enabling players to improve their on-pitch skills such as passing, dribbling, shooting and  crossing, as well as rewarding them with XP, achievements and online rankings, EA Sports has revealed.

"Learn or master the fundamental skills necessary to compete at FIFA 13 in a competitive and addictive new mode. Become a better player, faster, no matter what your skill level," reads the description.

"Compete against yourself or friends in 32 mini-games, perfecting skills such as passing, dribbling, shooting, crossing and more. Hit targets, loft balls into cans and dribble through obstacle courses, collecting points and beating the clock as you progress through three levels to the Skills Challenge. Earn achievements, trophies, and XP while securing a global ranking and perfecting your skills."

Check out the first screen of the crossing skill game in our gallery, left. The other two show the new career mode.

"Compete for club and country in an expanded Career Mode that now includes internationals," reveals EA. "Play for or manage your favorite national team, competing in friendlies, qualifiers and major international tournaments. Play as manager and secure an offer to coach any national team, with bigger decisions and more pressure. Compete as a player and prove yourself at the club level to attract national team attention and the call to play for your country."

Don't go expecting the 2014 world cup in the tournaments. EA Sports also confirmed players can "manage your club and country at the same time."

Club careers will include new variables for Transfers and player values, as well as new elements such as "player loans, Board interactions and mid-season manager firings."

Edit player, a career mode rematch feature, special celebrations, Virtual Pro Attribute Boosts, and Career Mode Super Scout Credits features will be unlockables via the new Football Club Catalogue (also pictured) according to EA.

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