Valve Would Consider Cloud-Gaming If Customers Like Gaikai

Tom Hopkins

Steam may end up offering streaming game services - but will likely wait for the cloud gaming market to prove itself first.

Published on Jul 20, 2012

Valve isn't outruling anything where cloud-gaming is concerned, it has revealed to NowGamer.

Asked at Develop if cloud-gaming was on Valve's radar in light of Gaikai's acquistion by Sony, Anna Sweet told us: "It'll come down to whether customers need it, or like it. If that's the case it's definitely something we'd want to investigate moving forward."

Valve has introduced numerous new tools and services recently, with Source Filmmaker in beta, Steam hitting Linux and Steam Greenlight on the way.

"I’m excited for what we’re going to learn from our customers with Greenlight,” Sweet added. "We’ve spent a lot of time doing our best to try and deliver to customers what we think they want to play, and I think we’re going to learn a lot about whether or not we were right.

"I think they’re going to teach us a bunch about what they want to see on Steam, what they want to play, and teach the developers participating in Greenlight a lot about what they’re looking for in games."

Steam Greenlight goes live next month.



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