Final Fantasy Versus XIII Canned, FFXIII-3 Set For Reveal - Rumour

Tom Hopkins

Square Enix could have quietly cancelled long-awaited Final Fantasy game, according to a new report.

Published on Jul 20, 2012

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been cancelled according to a report on Kotaku.

The FFXIII spin-off was first revealed way back in 2006, but according to 'several sources', production on the MIA game was recently halted.

According to one source Final Fantasy Versus XIII's resources have been folded into a new game, which could end up being Final Fantasy XV - but didn't specify whether that meant game assets or simply development staff.

Square Enix is set to stage numerous Final Fantasy events in the next few months to celebrate the series' 25th anniversary - the continuation of Final Fantasy XIII is expected to be revealed (perhaps Final Fantasy XIII-3?) while the long-awaited PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV or even FFXV could be discussed too.

Square Enix has remained silent on it's Final Fantasy plans recently, declining to comment on both the status of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and the relationship between FFXIV and FFXV.



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