Kickstarter UK: European Indie Devs Keen On Crowd-Funding Site

Tom Hopkins

Will Kickstarter create new opportunites for European indie game makers when it comes to the UK? We ask the developers themselves.

Published on Jul 19, 2012

Kickstarter has announced it is bringing its brand of crowd-funding to the UK this Autumn - but what do the European indie game devs make of it? We spoke to two studios to find out.

"I think it's great that Kickstarter's likely to become more accessible to non-US residents - it means more amazing games, more reboots of much-loved franchises, and more buzz for the indie community," Dan Marshall of Size Five Games told NowGamer.

"What's more, combining Kickstarter with Steam Greenlight could really remove a vast proportion of an indie dev's money worries, leaving them to focus on making ever more beautiful, clever and interesting games."

And for European devs outside of the UK, the announcement is still positive, according to Jens Nilsson of Frictional Games, the studio behind Amnesia.

"Kickstarter UK is a good thing as it shows the idea growing and possibly allowing additional countries to be added in the future," Nilsson told us.

"A big pro for Kickstarts is possibly the extra marketing you get from adding a project (if there is an interest for it), but it also puts a lot of extra work on the developer to follow through on all the perks for backers.

"In particular as you have to come up with some really neat things to get that additional spark of interest in your project."

Nilsson added that perks could almost be considered a negative, as developers "get carried away and come up with a lot of perks that not only will take lots of time to get created, but also costs a lot of money."

Despite planning worries for inexperienced developers on Kickstarter, Nilsson is still positive on Kickstarter UK.

"Kickstarter is great, it is another way of getting funding and that is something the game industry can't have too many of," he concluded.

The Ouya indie-console is currently the big story on Kickstarter US, raking in $5.8 million in funding with 8 days still to go.



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