Fortnite: Epic Not Ruling Out Diablo 3-Style 'Always Online' Requirement

Tom Hopkins

Epic Games undecided on constant internet connection for upcoming Unreal Engine 4 PC title, Fortnite.

Published on Jul 19, 2012

Fortnite, the first Unreal Engine 4 game could require users to have a constant internet connection - but only in the interests of gameplay, Epic Games producer Tanya Jessen has confirmed.

“It’s gonna be really dependent on gameplay, and it’s also dependent on platform – the method of getting updates and stuff like that. So I can’t say for sure today one way or another,” Jessen said regarding the potential for an always-online requirement to RPS.

In development as a "co-op experience primarily" Jessen said any technical decisions would be based on creating "the most fun experience you can have with your friends," rather than for anti-piracy or DRM reasons.

Fortnite was revealed in more depth at Comic Con last week, and follows a group of survivors scavenging materials, building a base and then repelling waves of enemies while running rolling repairs.

Fortnite is expected to launch in 2013.



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