Skyrim: Dawnguard Patch Nerfs Naked Guards, Vampires

Tom Hopkins

Bethesda's new Dawguard update fixes NPC clothing issues with non-English language versions of the Skyrim expansion.

Published on Jul 18, 2012

Skyrim's Dawguard DLC has been patched on Xbox 360 to fix problems with NPCs appearing in their underwear.

"With the French, German, Italian, and Spanish versions of Dawnguard on Xbox 360, we are aware that players are seeing NPCs with missing armor. This is due to a version mismatch with the title update for those languages and we’re working with Microsoft to resolve it," reads the Dawnguard forums.

The 31MB patch is now available for those territories according to forum members, and fixes the no-armour issue.

The problem isn't thought to affect English-language versions of the game.



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