RuneScape Dev: Limited-Time MMO Trials 'Annoying'

Tom Hopkins

RuneScape lead designer Mark Ogilvie has discussed some of the mistakes other MMOs make when going free-to-play.

Published on Jul 17, 2012

RuneScape is still one of the most popular free-to-play MMOs after ten years on online, but despite it's longevity, lead designer Mark Ogilvie still thinks that other MMOs when they make the switch to free-to-play.

"There are plenty of classic mistakes made by games that have added a freemium mode after creation, adding it to a model intended for subscription only: the biggest being overestimating the average user's attention span," ogilvie told NowGamer.

"If you’re an MMO going free, you probably need to simplify your early gameplay. If we assume a free player has a more casual relationship with the product than a subscriber (since they have invested only time, rather than time and money) don’t ask them to adopt complex play styles or fathom difficult principals. Players of free games tend do so with far less commitment, and are more likely to be switching between the game and other activities at the same time."

Time-limited trials are another bug-bear of Ogilvie's. "There are plenty of other games out there that still rely on time limitations to motivate a player to buy the product – although less so with M
MOs. They really annoy me and rarely give me the time I need to assess the product."

RuneScape's Evolution of Combat is currently in beta - check out the full RuneScape interview for more.



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