GTA 5: Rockstar Debunks Twitter Comments As 'Fake'

Tom Hopkins

Alleged GTA 5 developer twitter account not affiliated with Rockstar.

Published on Jul 17, 2012

GTA 5 comments made via twitter that we reported on earlier today are from a fake twitter account with no affiliation to Rockstar, the developer has told NowGamer.

Comments from the Dan C. feed (aka @iTalkVideoGames) said of GTA 5: "Oh it will be worth it, even if it was a 5 year wait it would still be worth the wait."

Dan C's description appeared to fit the LinkedIn description for Rockstar programmer Dan Conti, who was the Multiplayer Programming Lead on Max Payne 3 - but Rockstar has now debunked that theory, confirming to us that the account is not operated by a Rockstar employee.

Rockstar reiterated comments made during the recent Max Payne 3/GTA 5 Q&A: "Please assume if you don’t hear it here, it is probably mostly fakes and almost definitely not the complete truth."

GTA 5 is expected to launch by March 2013, but still has no official release date.



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