GTA 5 'Will Be Worth The Wait' - Rockstar Dev - Updated

Tom Hopkins

Rockstar programmer Dan Conti has commented on GTA 5, but played down suggestions that his tweets relate to the game's release date or stage of completion.

Published on Jul 17, 2012

Rockstar has contacted us to confirm that the 'Dan C' twitter account is in fact fake and not operated by a Rockstar employee.

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GTA 5 will be well worth the wait according to the twitter account of a self-proclaimed Rockstar programmer.

Dan C. (aka @iTalkVideoGames) wrote in response to a follower that GTA 5 would be something special.

"Oh it will be worth it, even it was a 5 year wait it would still be worth the wait," reads the tweet. "Don't worry, it won't be another 5 years" he adds.

Dan C's description appears to fit the LinkedIn description for Rockstar programmer Dan Conti, who was the Multiplayer Programming Lead on Max Payne 3 according to the Rockstar site.

Meanwhile another Dan C tweet, since deleted by picked up by the GTA Forums, could have hinted at the game's level of completion - or even an impending release date.

Simply reading "100", the tweet prompted speculation that the game might launch in 100 days - Wednesday 24 October - or could be 100 per cent complete, prompting the deletion.

"Twas not gtav‬ related, sorry" reads a follow-up tweet.

Innocently ambiguous tweet or inside hint? We'll ask Rockstar for comment.

GTA 5 is widely expected to launch before April 2013.



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