Portal Lego Set Under Review, Could Follow Minecraft Lego To Launch

Tom Hopkins

The Lego Cuusoo community has spoken - they want to see the Portal Lego sets made available to buy.

Published on Jul 17, 2012

Valve's Portal could become the next great videogame franchise to follow Minecraft into the brick-based world of Lego after 10,000 Lego Cuusoo members showed their support for Team Jigsaw's Aperture Science-themed designs.

Minecraft Lego eventually became publicly available after following an identical process.

There are still a number of factors that could scupper a launch though - Lego will review the design's potential in September, while the license would still need to be granted by Valve itself, so nothing Portal Lego won't see the light of day just yet. In fact it could take "several months".

"We'll build concept models, put them in our test chamber, bake them, and determine if the concept meets our high standards for what it takes to be a Lego product," the Cuusoo site explains. "This includes factors such as playability, safety, and fit with the Lego brand. Every potential Lego product goes through a process like this and must meet the same standards."

"If green-lit, this project goes into the longest phase of the project; the Development phase. During this time, Lego model designers refine the product and develop it for release, we create the product materials (box, instructions, marketing), and get everything ready for a production run. This also takes several months."

We can wait - fingers crossed Lego/Valve make this happen, eh?



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