Wii U: "Definitely" More Powerful Than Xbox 360, PS3 - Scribblenauts Dev

Tom Hopkins

Wii U developer 5th Cell is adamant that Nintendo's upcoming console is more capable than both PS3 and Xbox 360.

Published on Jul 16, 2012


Wii U supercedes both the Xbox 360 and PS3 in terms of power according to Scribblenauts studio 5th Cell, despite recent comments to the contrary and Nintendo downplaying spec comparisons with other consoles.

"I think we were one of the first developers to see the Wii U," 5th Cell CEO Jeremiah Slaczka told Game Informer (via Videogamer).

"It's kind of frustrating to see the rumours and speculation of people going back and forth saying it's weaker or more powerful. It's definitely more powerful."

Wii U is coming in 2012 but still doesn't have a release date; 5th Cell's Scribblenauts Unlimited will be available for the console shortly after launch.



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