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Metal Gear Solid 5: Comic Con Reveal Rumours 'Fake' - Konami

Tom Hopkins

Did Hideo Kojima show Metal Gear Solid 5 behind closed doors at Comic Con? The evidence is mounting that he did.

Metal Gear Solid 5 could well have been revealed behind closed doors at Comic Con over  the weekend according to mounting speculation and a number of images alleged to have leaked from the reveal.

"Just got pulled into a back room at Comic Con by @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN and showed some crazy new secret stuff. Wow," Epic's Cliff Bleszinski tweeted on Saturday, leading to speculation that Kojima was showing the next-gen Fox Engine at the event.

Turns out the presentation could have included MGS5 as well.

'Metal Gear Solid 5: Open Ground Reconnaissance Endeavour' (O.G.R.E. see?) is featured on fuzzy slides posted over on GAF, featuring lines such as 'A Paradise Is Born Of The Bloodstained Earth', while dialogue seems to read: "The moment we were cast out of heaven we became monsters," and "Would she have wanted this? That doesn't matter now."

All sounds like it ties into MGS lore to us - check out our gallery for more.

Meanwhile, although Konami UK declined to comment to NowGamer on the rumours, the UK twitter account seemed to encourage the speculation before adding that the rumours are 'fake'.

What should we believe? Are you hankering for MGS5? Let us know!

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