Skyrim On PS Vita Shown Via RemotePlay

Tom Hopkins

A PS Vita user has managed to get Skyrim running on the handheld - via a RemotePlay app.

Published on Jul 16, 2012

Skyrim on the PS Vita - a dream come true? For some gamers perhaps, but it's also a reality for some clever so-and-so who has managed to get the game streaming to his Vita via RemotePlay.

"Using the SDK and VitaRemoteClient, this shows 26-33fps at 95% quality using the remote play like app," reads the comments to the video below. "You can see how it runs, but a control scheme needs to be figured out as the mouse control stick does not move the view in realtime."

It's unclear whether Skyrim is streaming from a PS3 or PC version of the game, but given the mention of the mouse, and the availability of homebrew apps to run PC games on Vita with mapped controls, we'll guess it's the latter.

Come on Sony - make this a real thing. RemotePlay was first announced as a PS Vita feature, but has yet to be implemented by Sony.



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