Battlefield 4 Beta: DICE Debunks Origin Listing

Dave Cook


Battlefield 4 beta rumours are running wild after the game was listed on Origin, but DICE has debunked the listing on Twitter. Full details here.

Published on Jul 16, 2012

Battlefield 4 beta access was listed on Origin as part of a pre-order incentive for Medal of Honor: Warfighter over the weekend. The listing sparked many rumours surrounding the game.

However, the listing was promptly removed, and DICE has now debunked it on the official Battlefield 3 Twitter feed.

A studio tweet read: "If you don't see it on our official site, , then it's not official. ^ED"

The rumours kicked off after the following image appeared on Origin over the weekend:

Debunked or not, DICE has previously stated that it is working on a follow up to Battlefield 3. This latest slip echoes the early leak of Battlefield 3 Premium. 

Premium was also debunked but ended up being true. A Battlefield 4 beta would also hang doubt over the future of Battlefield: Bad Company 3.

We'll have more info on Battlefield 4 as it happens.



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