'Curiosity Prize Is Dictionary Definition Of Life-Changing' - Molyneux

Dave Cook


Peter Molyneux has described the prize at the center of his upcoming game Curiosity as the definition of 'life-changing'. More info here.

Published on Jul 12, 2012


Peter Molyneux has come under a lot of questioning at Develop this week, over his upcoming game Curiosity, which sees players collectively chiselling away at a cube to reveal a life-changing prize in the middle.

Or you could just chuck Molyneux's studio £50,000 and win instantly. That's the trick, you see?

In a VG247 interview, Molyneux was quizzed about the fabled prize, but was keen to dodge the question.

"I'm resisting any temptation to give any clues as to what's in the middle," Molyneux explained, "You can look up the dictionary definition of 'life-changing'. If you want, you can score me on how life-changing it is. Give me a score, and I guarantee you that out of 100, it will be - if not 100 - but 99."

So Molyneux truly believes that the prize is life-changing. What do you think it is? Let us know below. 




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