Hitman: Absolution 17-Minute E3 Gameplay Video Hits The Streets Of Hope

Tom Hopkins

Agent 47 takes on a small-town gang in this long Hitman: Absolution trailer with commentary from game director Tore Blystad.

Published on Jul 12, 2012

Hitman: Absolution has been blown open with an impressively long gameplay video from E3 - The Streets of Hope.

The demo features a voice-over by game director Tore Blystad and IO community man Travis Barbour.

"Agent 47 needs to kidnap Lenny "the limp" Dexter, who holds the key to the whereabouts of Victoria. 47 swore to protect her as a dying wish to his only friend Diana Burnwood. In order to get to "the limp", the Original Assassin has to take out Lenny's gang 'The Cougars'" reads the description.

The clip's below - expect deaths, kidnapping and more:



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