GTA 5 New Screenshots Analysis - Secrets Revealed

Nick Jones

What secrets do the new GTA 5 screenshots hold?

Published on Jul 12, 2012

Rockstar has quietly released the first screenshots for GTA 5 today. Let's take a closer look to see if they tell us anything about what to expect from the game.

Click on the images for full 720p versions.

1. Let's start with the helicopter and who's flying it. It's almost certain that this is GTA 5's main protagonist here, and it looks like Rockstar has taken care to obscure his identity completely.

2. It says 'police' so this is clearly a police helicopter. The door is open, suggesting that you'll be able jump out of the 'copter. Parachutes and base jumping to return in GTA 5? It's almost a certainty.

3. This is one of those infra-red cameras you see in Police Camera Action! which the police use to track hapless criminals from afar. What's the chance you'll use this camera in some kind of surveillance mission in GTA 5?

4. Is this LA's famous City Hall? It looks likely but is on the 'other side' of downtown from the real City Hall. UPDATE: This is actually GTA 5's version of Beverly Hills City Hall, thanks to hall.adante for pointing that out in the comments.

5. This looks like GTA 5's take on the famous Westin Bonaventure hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Fingers crossed there will be a mission where you have to jump from one roof to another while riding a horse.

6. If 5 is Westin Bonaventure then that makes this the US Bank building, the tallest skyscraper in Los Angeles and ground zero for the alien attack in Independence Day.

7. Here's some high-rise construction, continuing the theme from the trailer of property development. Can you control this crane and bring down a skyscraper? We sure hope so.

8. Far off in the distance is this suspension bridge. It looks a lot like it might be the GTA 5 version of LA's Vincent Thomas Bridge, which spans the LA harbor.

9. We reckon this lake could be the GTA 5 version of Echo Lake, a lake that's not too far from downtown LA so would have a similar view of the skyline.

10. People. Probably NPCs. Sat down. Okay, we're scraping the barrel now, so we'll stop.

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments below - or check out the other snippets we've found out about GTA 5 today:



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