Rockstar: GTA 5 Won't Be Shown 'For A While Yet'

Adam Barnes


Rockstar sends out mixed messages over when new details and footage for GTA 5 will be released.

Published on Jul 12, 2012

Rockstar has today answered a fan Q&A and its official site, quietly dropping a couple of brand new GTA 5 screenshots as well as a few details on the state of development.

While answering a question about why there has been no new information on GTA 5, Rockstar said:

"The only things we care about are that you enjoy the experience of actually playing the game and that we release accurate information. We just have not been in a position to show more of the game than the trailer and will not be for a while yet"

However, in a previous answer Rockstar confirmed that there would be "more information and some new assets for you soon."

Should we expect more screenshots of GTA 5 at Gamescom? Will there be details of the game released there? Recent speculation seems to suggest Rockstar could well be setting up for a bigger reveal of some kind.

Want our take on it? Rockstar might not be ready to show off a new GTA 5 gameplay trailer just yet, but more details should hopefully be with us soon.



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