OUYA Kickstarter Smashes $4 Million In 3 Days

Dave Cook


OUYA, an independent open source gaming console, has surpassed $4 million in Kickstarter funds with 27 days of fundraising left to go. Full details here.

Published on Jul 12, 2012

Kickstarter's gaming community has done it again, helping to raise over $4 million in funds for open source gaming console OUYA in just three days.

The Android-powered console will cost $99 and aims to drive down the cost of gaming by letting developers set their own prices and embrace free to play models. 

OUYA will also cut out licensing fees, distribution costs and more, meaning developers don't need to charge typical retail costs for their games. OUYA also gives bedroom coders the chance to make their own games.

Check out the OUYA Kickstarter page here for more details.



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