Wii U: 'Next-Gen Means Improving The Gaming Experience' - Iwata

Dave Cook


Nintendo isn't worried about how the Wii U specs stack up against PS4 or Xbox 720, but it is worried about making games better. Find out why here.

Published on Jul 12, 2012

Wii U critics are quick to point out that the specs of the console will pale when compared to PS4 and Xbox 720, but Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes this is the wrong way to think about its hardware. 

In an Independent interview Iwata explained, "A similar topic came up when we launched the Wii. Some people were comparing it to other consoles and saying ‘well, is this an improvement on the specs offered by competitor consoles?’”

"But that’s not our approach or what we define as next generation", Iwata continued, "For next generation we look at the user experience, the gaming experience, how we can improve that, change it, offer new kinds of gameplay."

"How we can get people to play more often, how we can allow people to connect from one living room to another living room, and this is what we focus on and what, for us, makes a new generation.


"I’m not against beautiful graphics. But my thinking is that unless the play experience is really rich the wonderful graphics won’t really help. I’m really looking forward to beautiful games coming out on Wii U though, with graphics that we couldn’t have done on the Wii.


We'll have more on Wii U as it happens.



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