Half-Life 3 Fan Obsession "A Compliment" - Valve

Dave Cook


Half-Life 3 still isn't with us, but Valve takes fan's infatuation with the game as a compliment. Find out why here.

Published on Jul 12, 2012

Halif-Life 3 is one of the most asked for games of the current generation, yet no official line has been uttered from Valve about its status for years. 

In a Eurogamer interview, Valve's business development chief Jason Holtman described fan obsession with Half-Life 3 as "A high compliment."

When asked if constant Half-Life 3 queries from fans ground him down, Holtman continued, "Having customers consistently looking at our property or something you've done and saying, can you give me more? Can you do that thing again? Every time we hear it we say thank you."

"I don't think it grinds us down at all," Holtman added, "We're constantly saying, are you happy? Are we making the best things we can? Are we working with the best partners to bring you what you want?

"When people keep saying, yeah I want that too, that's how we hear it." Holtman explained, "We hear it as, that is people saying they want tickets to their favourite concert. They want to see that again."

"We hear it all the time. I don't think it grinds us down at all. I do think we take it as a very serious, very heartfelt compliment from folks. They're cheering for us. That's what that is."



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