FIFA 13 Includes 'Streets' Mode - UPDATE: Mode Only For 3DS FIFA

Tom Hopkins

According to the ESRB, FIFA 13 could have a street football mode included in the game.

Published on Jul 12, 2012

UPDATE – EA has been in contact and told us that the 'street mode' in question is actually a mode in 3DS FIFA and will not feature in the home console version of FIFA 13. Apologies for any confusion out there.

FIFA 13 will feature a mode that enables players to take to the streets, according to a listing on US ratings board, the ESRB.

"Players can practice penalty kicks, assign on-field strategies, and participate in a variety of game modes (e.g., Career, Tournament, Be a Pro, Streets) to improve their ball-handling skills," reads the description of the game.

FIFA Street was rebooted last year, spending a number of weeks in the UK charts - the FIFA 13 team has previously hinted that it could incorporate ideas from the urban-football franchise.

Do you want to see a street-mode make it into FIFA 13? Do you want to see more FIFA Street? Let us know!

FIFA 13 hits pretty much all formats in Europe on 28 September.



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