Valve, Epic, Bethesda, Crytek All Interested In Carmack's VR Headset

Tom Hopkins

The future of gaming is head-mounted displays if interest from some of the biggest gaming companies is anything to go by.

Published on Jul 11, 2012

VR gaming is set for big things with some of the most influential gaming companies around showing interest in the VR head-mounted display (HMD) shown off by id's John Carmack at E3.

Carmack's working with on the prototype Oculus Rift HMD with VR enthusiast/expert Palmer Luckey, who has revealed that he is in talks with Valve, Epic, Bethesda (id, Zenimax), Crytek and engine company Unity regarding the headset.

Luckey also revealed that the Kickstarter for Oculus Rift HMD kits would start around 19 July to coincide with the device's appearances at QuakeCon and Gamescom.

"The extent of their relationships with Oculus varies, but I can promise at least a few partnerships," Luckey wrote of the interested companies.

"Oculus is going forward in a big way, but a way that still lets me focus on the community first, and not sell out to a large company. I am working with hardware engineers who have designed some extremely well known gaming peripherals, software developers with very extensive middleware integration and partnership experience, and a small amount of funding from people who really, really want VR to happen."

And if a consumer model reaches the market, Luckey says to expect something pretty impressive: "Imagine an HMD with a massive field of view and more pixels than 1080p per eye, wireless PC link, built in absolute head and hand/weapon/wand positioning, and native integration with some (if not all) of the major game engines, all for less than $1,000 USD. That can happen in 2013!"

Sounds good to us. Hit the link to see what Carmack has to say about the return of VR.



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