Sony 'Big Fans' Of Notch, 'Would Love' To Work With Minecraft Creator

Tom Hopkins

Minecraft may not be coming to PS3 or PS Vita, but that doesn't mean Sony won't try to find to something to work on with Notch.

Published on Jul 11, 2012

Minecraft creator Notch has revealed the extent to which Sony is desperate to work with the indie developer.

After revealing on Twitter how much he wanted to re-play old PC, Amiga and Atari title Dungeon Master 2, Notch has now posted a photo of a package sent to him by SCEA developer relations man Adam Boyes - with an original copy of the game, as well as a PS Vita with games.

"Figured we would make your Dungeon Master 2 hunt a little easier (along with a few bonus goodies)," reads the accompanying hand-written note. "We're all big fans of your work and would love to find a project to work together on."

Notch's reaction? "Yeah, this got my attention and made me INCREDIBLY HAPPY" the developer wrote on Twitter.

Notch is currently working on space-trading sim 0x10C.

That's what it's like to be an in-demand indie-developer, eh? Check out the package and note below (click to enlarge):



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