Aliens Colonial Marines: Early Announcement Was 'Unusual' - Pitchford

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Aliens: Colonial Marines isn't out until 2013 now, but Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has shed new light on why the project is taking so long. Full quotes here.

Published on Jul 11, 2012


Aliens: Colonial Marines was announced in 2006 "before the ink was even dry on the paper" according to Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, who also explains that, "Usually we’d be very far along with a project before it’s even announced."

Speaking with NowGamer, Pitchford discussed the status of the Aliens: Colonial Marines project and the new February 12 release date in detail.

"This is the first time we’ve really announced a date," Pitchford explained, "There has been guidance (projected release windows and seasons), but if we had full control, none of that guidance would have even been mentioned, as it’s all speculative."

Pitchford also explained that while development of some games are dictated by time or budgets, he confirms that Aliens: Colonial Marines is bound by vision and quality.

"That’s the approach we took with Aliens: Colonial Marines," Pitchford continued, "When we did that, it meant that we were going to allow ourselves to be flexible with our schedule and our budget. 

"One of the last things I want to remind everyone of was when we the business deal was completed on the Aliens project, we hadn’t even written the first line of code yet." 

"20th Century Fox and Sega got so excited that there was going to be this sequel to Aliens that they put out a press release before the ink was even dry on the paper." 

"I think their aim through that was driven on the business side, but immediately this demand was created before anything was even made."

"Usually we’d be very far along with a project before it’s even announced, but when Alien ships the development time will be the same as the original Borderlands."




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