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Black Ops 2 gets a new trailer, focusing on villain Raul Menendez. We go frame-by-frame to uncover the secrets behind the footage. Find out more here.

Published on Jul 11, 2012


Black Ops 2 has received the above trailer, which lifts the curtain on villain Raul Menendez, a guy that Treyarch has frequently referred to as the greatest villain in Call of Duty history.

Join us as we go frame by frame to uncover the secrets behind the footage, and link them to what we already know about Black Ops 2.

[00:11] Menendez and his group Cordis Vie have become renown worldwide

Here you can see a US officer called Briggs discussing that Menendez has become like a “Celebrity”, which then cuts to the YouTube channel of his organisation Cordis Die (which is Latin for ‘Of the day’), a group that fights for the lower class. 

It’s a real YouTube channel full of cryptic messages that you can check out here.

The first Cordis Die video shows a blank screen, with Menendez simply saying, “Come my friends…it is not to late to seek a newer world.”

When we last spoke with Treyarch, director of communications John Rafacz dropped some hints about what Menendez is rebelling against.

Rafacz said, “When you take a character like Menendez who is collateral damage of the first Cold War - you'll learn more about what that means - you will see more about who he is and what he means to 2025.”

So essentially, this suggests that Menendez was a victim of the first Cold War, or perhaps even a scapegoat or patsy. Maybe he was even disavowed? There is more evidence that sheds light on this further in the trailer.


[00:22] Menendez is planning a global attack

But it seems that Menendez is using his crusade for the lower classes as a front for as much larger terrorist plot. Officer Briggs warns that it will be too late for supporters of Menendez to realise that he actually wants to wipe them out.

We then see a map that points to several locations around the globe. These same locations formed part of the official Black Ops 2 reveal back in April. The coordinates showed the following places, some of which are also pinpointed in the new Menendez trailer:


  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • China
  • Russia
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Nicaragua 


It’s also interesting to note that Los Angeles and China have already been confirmed as playable locations in Black Ops 2, and that Menendez himself is from Nicaragua. 


[00:38] Menendez plans to attack China with American drones

Similar to the drone attack on Los Angeles, Raul Menendez also wants to attack three key Chinese cities with unmanned American drones, which could spark a global conflict between the two nations. 

We already know that in Black Ops 2’s depiction of the year 2025, China has become the dominant superpower and key controller of Earth’s natural resources. 

A staged hit on China by American drones could lead to a huge power struggle, or even World War III. The map highlights Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong as targets for drone attacks.


[00:52] Menendez knows Woods, and isn’t very happy with him

Treyarch confirmed to us that gamers will be taken back to the 1980’s through a series of flashbacks from Woods – a member of the S.O.G. unit in the original Black Ops. 

There you will see Menendez before he became the villain he is in 2025, and what events lead him to become such evil mastermind.

As we’ve touched on, Treyarch confirmed to NowGamer that Menendez was “collateral damage” from the first Cold War. Ever the series to riff on real-world events, the sacrifice of Menendez sounds similar to events that took place in Nicaragua in 1982.

Nicaragua was viewed as hotbed of communism by the CIA, and Ronald Reagan’s administration was accused of covertly spending money and resources on trying to overthrow the Nicaraguan regime. 

Read between the lines, and it almost seems as if Menendez was inserted into Nicaragua by the CIA to help overthrow the communist regime, but was then disavowed and treated like a war criminal for his actions.

If we were Menendez, we’d definitely want revenge on America for denying all knowledge of us. Either Menendez was a friend of Woods at the time, or the two crossed paths in Nicaragua at some point.

Black Ops 2 military advisor Oliver North was also involved in the Nicaragua campaign, which could be another link.


[01:08] Menendez has influence over Africa and other countries

Here we can see more of 2025, as a high-tech chopper lifts off above a rainy canyon, which we then see a paid or spec ops soldiers rappelling down. This could well be a return to Nicaragua in 2025. 

We then see what appears to be some African flatland in the 1980s, as well as some tanks and a squad of soldiers storming the fields with AK-47 rifles. There were a ton of African conflicts in the 1980s, any of which could be riffed on in Black Ops 2.




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