Ouya Android Console Kickstarter A Success With Over $2m, 28 Days Left

Tom Hopkins

Ouya, the indie-focused Android-based console seeking $950,000 on Kickstarter, has doubled its target on day one.

Published on Jul 11, 2012

Ouya, the budget, Android-based indie console platform that we reported on yesterday, has reached its Kickstarter funding goal in one day.

In fact, Ouya's flown past the initial goal of $950,000, sitting on $2.4 million at the time of writing with 28 days left of the 30 day funding drive.

The console aims to create an open platform for devs and gamers that brings indie-games back to the living room on your TV.

"Do you realize what you've done? You proved consoles aren't dead. You shocked the world. And us!" reads the Ouya team's response. "We are blown away by your support. With your help, we just raised $2 million. And it’s only the first day. Now we want to blow you away. The biggest thing for us right now: we are working on our stretch goals, what we can do if we raise more money. It might take us a few days to figure that out, and we want your help. Tell us what you would like the stretch goals to be at"

Gamers are also encouraged to tell Ouya what games they'd like to see on the new console.

Hit the link for more on the Ouya's specs and pricing.



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