Star Wars: The Old Republic's Free Trial Goes Live

Tom Hopkins

Fancied trying BioWare's Star Wars MMO? Now you can play SWTOR to Level 15 for nothing.

Published on Jul 11, 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic is now free to play up to level 15, following EA's announcement that the MMO would feature a free trial at E3 last month.

"Now you will be able to live out your very own Star Wars saga with thousands of other players up to level 15 with no charge or time limit!" reads the SWTOR site.

"The Star Wars: The Old Republic Free Trial allows individuals, without a previously active Star Wars: The Old Republic game account, to see a portion of what the game has to offer with no payment method required."

Each of the game's eight character classes, PvP Warzones and Flashpoints are all available to try during the trial.

If you've already participated in an SWTOR trial or free weekend you can also check it out over at



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