Minecraft Xbox 360: 4J Talks Updates, Texture Packs, Custom Skins

Tom Hopkins

All the latest on 4J's plans to update Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition with new content and features.

Published on Jul 10, 2012

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition will soon be getting the 1.7.3 update with a "full list of additions, changes and fixes," set to be revealed later this week.

4J has continued to discuss its plans for the console port of Mojang's indie classic however, with hopes for new features and content currently pinned on the future 1.8.2 update.

Update 1.8.2 will include sprinting, dispensers and more, while the developer also confirmed that when Skin packs hit the game players new looks will be visible to others whether they own the associated skin pack or not.

Looking to the future, beyond both the 1.7.3 and 1.8.2 updates, 4J is "looking at texture packs", will add the ability for guest players to be blocked from affecting your world, "will be adding new content" and may even introduce custom, player-designed skins "much later on", despite there being issues doing that on the console "that get lawyers all excited".

Look out for more as we get it. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition 1.7.3 update is due out during July.



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