Kickstarter Headed To The UK This Autumn

Tom Hopkins

UK-based creators will be able to crowd-source funds for games later this year, Kickstarter has confirmed.

Published on Jul 10, 2012

Kickstarter is headed to the UK in the next few months, the crowd-funding site has confirmed via Twitter.

Details are scarce right now, but the site, which was previously limited to US-based projects, has promised more information soon.

Carmaggedon: Reincarnation's UK-based developer Stainless Games managed to get the project funded via Kickstarter - but not without a lot of effort.

"Kickstarter’s really not ideally set up for anyone outside the US to start a campaign," Stainless co-founder Neil 'Nobby' Barnden told NowGamer back in May.

"It’s because the site uses payments, which require the person setting up their account to have the necessary accompanying US tax information required to receive the money pledged. To do this, we had to set up a US company, and a US bank account, which is NOT a trivial undertaking!"

The news means that projects for Comics, Design, Film, Games, Music, Technology and more will now be easily submitted by UK creators.

The biggest Kickstarter gmes successes include the Double Fine Adventure ($3.3m), Wasteland 2 ($2.9m) and Carmaggedon: Reincarnation's $625,000 haul.



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