DayZ: Arma 2 Zombie-Mod Will Get Standalone Retail Release - Dev

Tom Hopkins

DayZ creator and Bohemia Interactive developer Dean Hall says retail version is "a certainty".

Published on Jul 9, 2012

DayZ could be the Zombie game of the year if recent praise for the Arma 2 mod is on the money, and with the military shooter's creator Bohemia Interactive noting a 300,000 sales bump following the mod's reelase, it won't be the last we see of DayZ.

A retail version has been speculated (Counter-Strike proves what can be achieved), but now appears to be semi-official according to DayZ creator Dean Hall. “I think that’s a certainty,” he told BeefJack. “Either someone else or myself will do it.”

Don't hold your breath for the game just yet though. “It’s proven it’s got legs, it’s incredibly able to make a heap of money, so I think yep, it’s a certainty. It’s just a question of when and by who,” Hall added.

The DayZ modder works as a designer on Arma full-time, so given it's retail potential, Bohemia could get him to work on a retail version of DayZ instead of Arma 3. Do you want to see DayZ on console? Let us know.



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